The Extreme Cold Weather Parka and Trouser are Layer VII (Loft Layer) of the ECWCS Gen III Clothing System.

The Extreme Cold Weather Parka and Trouser are constructed with a plain weave,  water resistant treated nylon fabric, polyester fiber insulation and a lightweight nylon ripstop inner lining making the system highly durable and breathable.

Parka Features

The Parka features: Reinforced 5 ½ oz nylon elbow pads, Protective front wind flap Two front pockets with zippers Draw cord in the bottom hem to allow maximum closure Collapsible hood that stores easily in the collar.

Parka NSN Numbers

NSN Numbers:

XS-S 8415-01-545-8544
XS-R 8415-01-545-8566
S-S 8415-01-545-8642
S-R 8415-01-538-6278
S-L 8415-01-545-8661
M-R 8415-01-538-6289
M-L 8415-01-545-8724
L-R 8415-01-538-6300
L-L 8415-01-538-6308
XL-R 8415-01-538-6312
XL-L 8415-01-538-6315
XL-XL 8415-01-545-8724
XXL-R 8415-01-545-9579
XXL-L 8415-01-545-9582
XXL-XL 8415-01-545-9610

Trouser Features

The Trouser features: Reinforced 5 ½ oz. nylon knee pads. Full length side zipper openings to allow for donning without having to remove footwear.  Elastic waist with loops to accommodate suspenders. Elastic leg cuffs.

Trouser NSN Numbers

NSN Numbers:

XS-S 8415-01-545-9907
XS-R 8415-01-545-9914
S-S 8415-01-545-9955
S-R 8415-01-538-6720
S-L 8415-01-545-9958
M-R 8415-01-538-6695
M-L 8415-01-546-0019
L-R 8415-01-538-6704
L-L 8415-01-538-6706
XL-R 8415-01-538-6707
XL-L 8415-01-538-6709
XL-XL 8415-01-546-0040
XXL-R 8415-01-546-0117
XXL-L 8415-01-545-0118
XXL-XL 8415-01-545-0119