About Us

Every Company has a Story – This is Ours!

Promoting and maintaining local and regional Employment

Our Story: Tennier Industries is a family-owned and operated company, in business for over 40 years, that enjoys an enviable reputation in the community and the manufacturing industry.

We employ upwards of 500 skilled employees (many of whom are multi-generational) at our 4 manufacturing facilities in Tennessee.

We really are a family and we take pride in dressing the men and women of our military. We put love into every stitch as well as our exceptional quality.

Our products are deployed in mission-critical environments around the world and are issued as essential gear ensuring the comfort and survival of today’s military personnel.

Tennier is consistently identified by the military as a “Best Value” supplier based on superior quality, price, past performance, and the ability to produce surge quantity requirements.

Working closely with the military, Tennier has set the industry benchmark for product innovation, quality, and customer service.

Now Tennier is bringing its military-grade expertise to the consumer market with a range of products designed for the rugged outdoors.

Manufacturing Excellence: Tennier’s manufacturing processes are highly sought after by other manufacturers as the company’s operations are among the most sophisticated and cost-efficient. Tennier’s unique relationships with its subcontractors allow the flexibility to effectively and efficiently meet spikes in the Military’s demand without any sacrifice in quality.

Machinery and skilled workers: All sewing equipment is located in one of our 4 manufacturing facilities and operated by our skilled staff. Tennier is one of the few facilities that offer in-house seam sealing and testing capabilities.

ISO 9001:2000 certification: Tennier prides itself on its commitment to quality, product innovation through ongoing improvements in design and production methods, and the ability to comply with highly specified military specification requirements. The Company performs extensive inspection and quality assurance tests during the manufacturing processes. Tennier maintains 100% inspection on all critical requirements of life support items manufactured. Tennier was the first company in the textile & clothing supply sector of the Department of Defense Procurement section to receive the ISO 9001:2000 certification.