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Manufacturing Excellence

Tennier Industries has been operating for over 40 years. We have over 240,000 square feet of modern facilities to meet your cut and sew full package, and quilting services. in the most sophisticated and cost-efficient manner. We strongly believe in our motto – “Do it Right” – and we utilize that thinking in our quality control and operation screening procedures. We inspect our product to ensure it is of the highest quality before we ship it out to our customers. We strongly encourage using high-quality materials in our operations so that customers are satisfied when they receive our product.


ISO 9001:2000 certification: Tennier prides itself on its commitment to quality, product innovation through ongoing improvements in design and production methods, and the ability to comply with highly specified military specification requirements. The very same quality required in our military production is applied to your commercial needs. The company performs extensive inspection and quality assurance tests during the manufacturing processes. Tennier maintains 100% inspection on all critical requirements of life support items manufactured. Tennier was the first company in the textile & clothing supply sector of the Department of Defense Procurement section to receive the ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Quilting Service:  We pride ourselves on providing a variety of services to our customers and subcontractors. One of these services is our ability to quilt. We have various high-speed and large-capacity machines on-site that we use to perform quilting operations, such as sleep systems and portions of Layer 7 Jackets and Trousers. With the machines we currently have on-site to perform our quilting operations, we can produce high-quality products that can guarantee customer satisfaction.

Seam Sealing: We can perform seam sealing with our specialized machinery. With seam sealing, we can waterproof certain products and seal against air leaks within certain products. After each seam sealing procedure, we put our products through a rigorous testing process to ensure the quality of each seam seal. We pride ourselves on providing a product that has been thoroughly tested for waterproofing and sealing of air leaks.

Custom Sewing Service

We have a variety of machines that can perform specialty sewing services, such as the following:

Custom Cutting and Trimming Service

Cutting Services: We offer specialized cutting services. We can perform our cutting operations with high precision, technique, and efficiency due to the programmable Gerber machinery we utilize at our locations. Our machines can produce complicated pattern cuts efficiently and with high accuracy. Our workers have been properly trained on these machines and are very experienced in operating them.

Cutting & Trimming Services: We offer cutting and trimming services due to the variety of machines that we have at our locations. We can use programmable hot knives to cut Velcro, webbing, cords, and components of an item. We utilize these services to produce high-quality products containing Velcro, webbing, and cords.

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