Tennier Industries, Inc. (TII) announces the release of the “TII MULIT-SEASON SLEEP SYSTEM” (TII M-SSS).

With over thirty three years experience manufacturing sleeping bags and sleeping bag systems; TII has taken the initiative to incorporate their knowledge into the development of the optimal design in sleeping bag technology.   This state of the art system provides the end user with a light weight sleep system containing our newly developed insulation and high tenacity nylon fabric. This multi-bag system can be used in various environments and climates, from rain forests to the arctic.

These systems are available in various colors and configurations.

The TII Multi-Season Bags were tested in accordance with the EN 13537 “Thermal Requirements for Sleeping Bags” specifications with the following results:
Insulation Value CLOT ComfortT LimitT Extreme
TII 3 Season6.531°C / 34°F
TII ECW5.456°C / 43°F
1°C / 34°F13°C / 8°F
Mulit Season (Bags joined ) System8.82-10°C / 14°F-18°C / 0°F-40°C / -40°F

*Note: These tests were done without the BIVY COVER